Fresh Tracks. A Different Lesson

On a busy Satuday afternoon at Red Lodge Mountain, I signed up for a Ski Like A Girl lesson, drawn by the description, "Come hone your skills in the company of other fun-loving rip chicks."  Because nobody else showed up, the Snow Sports people assigned me to a Skill Builder Adult group that would emphasize Ski Like A Girl.  After everything sorted out, the group was me and a guy. 

My fellow student, an out-of-state visitor, did not turn consistently or use his poles.  His goal was to gain "a little more control."  Mine was to avoid the back seat.  The instructor, new to the area, was friendly and experienced.  When her first exercise in pole planting did not work, she shifted her strategy to weight transfer and had us practice side-slipping before turning.  We sort of caught on to that.  Next she showed us how to keep weight on the downhill ski by slapping the uphill ski against the snow.  Our turns improved. 

The whole time she was almost visibly thinking about what she could come up with that would help.  At the end, we skied like airplanes, poles stretched out parallel to the slope.  It might seem juvenile, but it was fun and useful in staying balanced, facing downhill.  I also hoped it would make our small group appear formidable to the out-of-control skiers crowding Auto Bahn. 

You never can tell what skill you will improve, if you pay enough attention.  The guy gained the ability to turn, thus more control, and left smiling.  I took away a sense of the balance point beneath my feet and total admiration for an instructor who worked hard at getting it right for each of us. 

I still want to participate in Ski Like A Girl.  Here's my invitation to other like-minded women.  Contact me!  Let's sign up together and be "fun-loving rip chicks."


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