Fresh Tracks. A New Season

It looks and feels like ski season in Red Lodge.  There's snow in the yards, ice on the streets, and ski gear in the shops.  Looking up at Red Lodge Mountain from our driveway, we have watched the snow fill in on Barriers.  Some nights we see the lights of snow makers.  The Mountain is doing its best to be ready for the new season, and so are we.  With season pass attached to my jacket, a new pack, and skis tuned and ready by the door, I'm stoked.

Conditioning.  At our age we need all the help we can get.  We work out at home with free weights, Bosu ball, stretch cords, yoga mats, and the encouragement of friends who honk and wave as we trudge up the Bear Creek hill.  Stretching, strength, endurance--it's never too late or too little, which is a good thing.

Even if the weather patterns are not promising, there's aways hope for another great snow year.  Last season's closing day was "epic" as our neighbor dude likes to say, and we all knew we were lucky to ski it.  However, there's plenty to do on the front side of the mountain in the early season.  We ski laps for endurance, set up challenges like who can make the most turns on Turnpike, play ski school to remember what we learned last year, and test the early bumps where we find them.

That old boyfriend has just finished building yet another wood ski rack for the shell of our pick-up.  He makes one every year.  The old rack goes into the Solstice fire, and the new version is always better.  Just like a new ski year. 

Do your snow dances!  See you on the Mountain!


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