Winter Carnival - March 5, 2016

Update: We are sad to announce that we have cancelled the Cardboard Classic Race for this year's Winter Carnival. To help our Cardboard Classic fans better understand this disappointing decision, and why some of the more seemingly obvious solutions aren't being employed, we've put together the following FAQ: 
Why has the Cardboard Classic Race been cancelled?
To safely run the Cardboard Classic, we must build two large snow berms that require considerable amounts of snow. Due to our unusually low natural snowfall this season we don’t have enough snow available to build these snow berms 
Are these berms really necessary?
Absolutely. One berm runs the length of the course and separates the crafts from the spectators and the ski traffic. Each year a number of crafts collide with this berm, and its absence would most definitely cause injuries to skiers, spectators, and craft riders. The second berm is an incline that we build at the bottom of the course ahead of the safety fence (b-net). The b-net is a last ditch effort to catch crafts that can’t stop on their own, but the b-net alone is not sufficient and the absence of this berm would put crafts on a collision course with the Main Lodge. 
Can you use hay bales in place of snow?
There are a couple difficulties with hay that make it an unfeasible solution.
First and foremost, hay bales will inevitably get scattered across the snow front. It would be nearly impossible to collect 100% of this scattered hay, and as such, it would not only ruin the ski surface, but because of hay’s propensity to absorb more heat than snow does, each piece of hay would become a melting point.
Second, because we operate on US Forest service land, any hay used on the mountain must be certified, weed free hay. The availability of weed free hay is very limited, and the extensive number of hay bales we would need to make suitable berms makes this option impractical. 
Why don’t you use your snow guns to make more snow?
The simple answer is that it’s been too warm to make snow. Just as mother nature can’t make snow at above freezing temperatures, neither can we, and most of February has been well above freezing. 
Aside from the warm temperatures, our snow making process involves blowing snow piles (whales) over the course of multiple days, and then pushing this snow around with our groomers. This requires a run to be closed during the snow making process, and it’s not feasible to close our main thoroughfare (Autobahn) for any period of time, let alone multiple days. 
Why did you not give notice earlier than one week prior to the event that it would be cancelled? 
Like any event that is weather dependent, cancellation or changes can occur quickly and with little notice. Two weeks prior to Winter Carnival, we had enough snow in the base area that cancelling the Cardboard Classic wasn't being considered. However, a week of warmer than expected temperatures and high winds quickly changed the conditions at the base of the mountain, and we were forced to reevaluate our plans. 
Can we still bring our Cardboard Crafts to Winter Carnival to compete in the most creative craft contest?
Yes - please do. We'll be judging and awarding for the most creative crafts at noon for each of the 4 craft categories. See the "Prizes" tab below for more details. 
To help ease the pain, we will be selling adult lift tickets for $35 during Winter Carnival. These lift tickets will be available at the ticket windows. 
We will keep all other events on the schedule, including the Rail Jam, live music, fireworks, and torchlight parade.
A long time ago in galaxy far, far away, crafts of cardboard, duct tape, and glue battled to make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.
Many crafts disintegrated at launch, and others didn't survive the jump to light speed, but all enjoyed food and drink, live music (the Star Wars Cantina Band wasn't available), and an epic fireworks show and lightsaber parade (our lightsabers look a lot like flares).  
For the 2016 Winter Carnival we are honoring the new Star Wars movie with our theme of Space Wars. Build your cardboard space craft and join us for the best party in the galaxy. 

Winter Carnival 2016 - Space Wars

Winter Carnival is absolutely the best party of the season. Each year we choose a theme, and celebrate with live music, costumes, feats of daring, cardboard crafts, and lots and lots of duct tape.

This year's theme is Space Wars, so start your costume and cardboard craft planning. 

Schedule of Events:  

 8:00 amRail Jam RegistrationCourtyard
12:00 pmCostume & Cardboard Craft ContestCourtyard
1:00 pmRail JamShow Off Alley
2:30 pmLive Music by Milton Menasco & the Big Fiasco*Bierstube Deck
7:00 pmTorchlight Parade & FireworksBase Area
*Only those 21 or older will be allowed access to the Bierstube and the Bierstube deck during Winter Carnival. 

Cardboard Classic Prizes


12 & Under$50 Gift Card   
13-18 Yrs$50 Gift Card
19 + Yrs$50 Gift Card
Unlimited Category$80 Gift Card


18 & Under 

1st Place

$50 Gift Card

2nd Place

$25 Gift Card
19 + Yrs 

1st Place

$50 Gift Card

2nd Place

$25 Gift Card