Terrain Park

The Scrap Yard Terrain Park at Red Lodge Mountain ResortWe are a culture that likes to rip it, grip it, and live life with a little flair. Welcome to Red Lodge Mountain's Scrap Yard and Miami Beach terrain parks. 

Show off your "smart style" by starting small and working your way up. All of the parks are groomed regularly and features are maintained daily.

As of December 21, we have 22 features in the Scrap Yard Terrain Park. The Miami Beach Terrain Park has 3 flat boxes and 1 rainbow box, all at ground level, plus three rollers.

2015 Series Results

Click here for results for the Slope Style from January 10, 2015

Red Lodge Mountain Resort's Upper Scrap Yard Terrain ParkThe Scrap Yard Terrain Park | Intermediate to Advanced

The Scrap Yard is located on Hancock and Lower Continental and features intermediate and advanced features that are updated regularly.

Features: 10' Jump, 15' Jump, 20' Jump, 25' Jump, 35' Jump, 16' Flat Box, 38' Down Flat Down Rail, Step Up-Step Down Jump, 30' Lift Tower, 30' Flat Rail, Flat Up Rail, " Street Style" Rail, Barrel Tap, Log Tap Pyramid, Down Up Down Box.


Red Lodge Mountain Resort's Upper Scrap Yard Terrain ParkMiami Beach Terrain Park | Beginner

The Miami Beach Beginner Terrain Park, located on the gentle slopes of Miami Beach, is designed for the developing rider. This park provides a safe, fun place to ride the park for the first time or to try out new tricks.

Features: 16' Flat Box, 8' Up Box to Flat 8' Disco Box, 14' Skinny Flat Box, 8' Flat Rail, 13' Round Rail, Tire Hop.



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